Eat Fat, Get Skinny.

Hello, my name is Katie. I am a Health Coach, nutrition fanatic, and I LOVE FAT! Yes, it’s true. I love fat– GOOD fats, that is. It is time to rethink everything you’ve ever thought about fats. The government has made saturated fats, and all fats for that matter, out to be the delicious incarnation of the devil. First of all, since when did politicians become experts in nutrition? Second of all, they are wrong. Good fats are the delicious incarnation of everything that is wonderful with this world. Puppies, rainbows, avocados (more on these in a second!), Ryan Gosling, etc.

It is now my goal to include him in every post.

It is now my goal to include him in every post.

Let me backtrack by saying not all fats are good. I am not talking about the hydrogenated fats found in a Snickers bar or in a sirloin steak. First and foremost, we should be eating:

REAL, Natural, and WHOLE foods. 

**We can all benefit from cutting out processed food and limiting our animal-product consumption. ** Good fats are found abundantly in real, natural and whole foods. Don’t be afraid!

So where did the fear of fats come from?

There was a theory from the 1950’s that said there was a direct relationship between saturated fats and cholesterol to coronary heart disease. Here’s the thing: NOBODY has proved it. SO many studies since then have questioned and proven this hypothesis wrong, but alas, the original study’s conclusion remained and the food industry ran with it. Hm…..

If you learn anything from today, make it your next goal to cut out processed foods– especially anything that says “Low-Fat”. This is an outdated diet trend that really means “High-Chemicals, High-Sugar, More Weight Gain, More Depression, More Mineral Deficiencies”. Sounds fun, right? Let’s Be Real. Harvard School of Public Health even found that low-fat dairy products can contribute to infertility, while full-fat, organic dairy can help. Low-fat dairy has also been proven to cause acne. But let’s save dairy for another day….

Here’s the Real deal about GOOD FATS:

FATS chart jpeg

It goes like this:


    • highly stable solids (all carbon atom links are filled, or “saturated” with hydrogen)
    • Found in animal fats (less good) and tropical oils (way good!)
      • EX: coconut oil, coconut milk…aka magic elixir to life


    • your body makes these from saturated fats to use them for awesomeness
    • Most common form: oleic acid. The main component of olive oil (so good!)
      • EX: AVOCADO!!, nuts, nuts, wild-caught salmon, healthy oils (grapeseed, flaxseed, hempseed, coconut, olive, AVOCADO, etc)


    • Most common is double-unsaturated linoleic acid (Omega-6) and triple-unsaturated linolenic acid (Omega-3)
    • YOU CANNOT MAKE THESE in your body! Thus, ESSENTIAL. Thus, **must get them from your food.** (From whole, natural, Real food).
      • EX: AVOCADO!!, trout, olives, nuts, healthy oils

ALL fats and oils, whether from veggies or animals, are some combo of all of these! Like, AVOCADOS.

At long last, the magic fruit itself….


Nutrition Facts

My one true love.

My one true love.

Amount Per 1 cup, sliced (146 g)
Calories 234

% Daily Value*

Total fat 21 g 32%
Saturated fat 3.1 g 15%
Polyunsaturated fat   2.7 g
Monounsaturated fat   14 g

Guess what?? WebMD agrees with me: see?

I love avocados. I put them in everything. My morning green smoothie, my veggie wraps as a “spread”, raw for fun or to take with my fish oil pills (essential!), and my most favorite and famous form: GUACAMOLE.

Looking for the recipe?? Here it is. Granted I cook from the heart and soul, people. Rarely do I follow measurements. Who needs the restrictions, am I right? But I did my best for you. Because I care.


4 avocados

1 med tomato, or 2 smaller roma tomatoes (easier to cut), diced

1/2 large red onion, diced

1 tbs minced garlic

2 tsp ground sea salt

1 tbs lime juice

Cilantro, as much as possible!! Don’t get me started on cilantro.

Jalapenos (optional)


  1. Pit the avocados and empty contents into large bowl. Mash to your heart’s content or until you no longer have anger issues. I add a little sea salt and lime juice here for good measure.
  2. Add the chopped onions, garlic, and cilantro. Add remaining sea salt and lime juice. Stir just until combined.
  3. Wait to add the tomatoes until just before serving. This will help it stay fresh the longest. If eating immediately, as recommended, fold in tomatoes and add any remaining garlic/cilantro/salt/lime juice to taste.
  4. Pair with your favorite organic, gluten-free corn tortilla chips and you have yourself a party.
  5. Seems simple, but you will make many new friends because of this recipe.
  6. You’re welcome.


  1. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; Fats and Fatty Acids in Human Nutrition; 2010
  2. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
  3. European Food Information Council; Fats; June 2006
  4. Dr. Andrew Weil, MD
  5. Weston A. Price Foundation
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4 thoughts on “Eat Fat, Get Skinny.

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  2. I’ve had Katie’s guacamole (lack of measurements and all), and it convinced me that delicious snacks don’t have to be bad for you. This article really opened my eyes to how smaller changes in your diet can make a huge difference in the long-run. Thanks, Katie.

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