TODAY IS THE DAY. We have Diem to Carpe.

Attention, attention! Today is the day I begin bestowing upon you my infinite wisdom of all things health, happiness, and wellness. Okay, Let’s Be Real…I rarely know what I’m talking about. Though my educational degrees and passion for nutrition may disagree, you and I are on the same page as we sift through all the garbage out there until we can clearly see our inner-AWESOME™ again. (Not actually a trademarked term, but I’m working on it).

So why should you read this blog? Why should you listen to what I may post on here? Because you are a young woman(or man, or old woman, or Ryan Gosling who is beyond human) who has low energy, extra pounds, and very little time to spend reading the latest research on the new All Fro-Yo Diet, or “256 Things You Must Do to be a Perfect Human Being”. I am here to help you:

English: Ryan Gosling outside a concert for hi...

  • INCREASE your energy
  • LOSE weight (the safe and sustainable way)
  • DECREASE stress
  • SAVE money
  • IMPROVE relationships with food, with others, and with yourself
  • ADD more joy, vitality, and silliness into each and every day!

Does that sound lame to you??

If so, I send you all the good vibes in the universe and kindly ask you to find another blog to read. We are in it to win it, people. Here I will post pictures, videos, recipes, memes, and random thoughts that I believe you will benefit from. I am here to help YOU and your Inner-AWESOME™ (still working on it).

Send me your thoughts on what you’d like to see or learn about here! I have some great things and guest posters lined up for your technological and culinary enjoyment, but remember– this is for YOU. Check our all that I do at or on Facebook at Follow me on Instagram (food and cat pics, anyone?) or Twitter @healthcoachKM

Here’s to REAL life, REAL food, REAL health, REAL YOU!

Why wait?? You heard the man.

Why wait?? You heard the man.